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Institute for Management Research and Smart Solution (I M R SMART Solution), Bhubaneswar, INDIA, is an education, research, training and consultancy academy for smart-digital-innovation and one-stop-solution education service organisation under I M R SMART SOLUTION PVT. LTD. was registered with the Indian government on March 29, 2017. With flexibility, efficiency, and an enthusiastic approach supported by robust systems and processes, I M R SMART Solution is a fast-merging management research institute in-house for a diversified range of activities, including education, research, training, and consulting, which are the four pillars of higher education. I M R Institute strives hard for continuous improvement, having as its underlying motto Transforming Education, Research, Training, and Consultancy.

I M R Smart-Digital--Innovation & One-Stop-Solution

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I M R provides best EdTech program for MBA, MCA, B. Tech., BBA, and BCA students, as per requirement of academics and industry about soft Skill, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, business analytics, financial technology and consulting for student careers to meet the needs of the future leader and maximise learning opportunities to enable the students their managerial skills and get acquainted with the new developments taking place in the industry. The pedagogical tools applied by the faculty members constantly motivate the students to be innovative, competent, and creative, which stands them in good stead in becoming successful managers and brand ambassadors of their organizations. Apart from education, research and training, I M R SMART Solution is also engaged in consultancy for Academic Research (Ph.D) and for Accreditation (NBA, NAAC & IQAC).

I M R SMART Solution operates through our Bhubaneswar-based headquarters and offers a one-stop-solution point of communication for students conducting education, research, training, consulting, and publication anywhere in India and abroad.

  • I M R SMART Solution is a dedicated EdTech service that helps our students manage in the most efficient manner with flexibility, efficiency and an enthusiastic approach supported by robust systems and processes.
  • I M R SMART Solution worked on some of the most challenging market studies and research to provide quality-driven and customised services to our clients with the intention of a long-term business association.
  • I M R SMART Solution services cover the full technology spectrum, developing custom solutions, enhancing existing technologies, delivering third-party solutions, and providing full integration services. Our practice leaders, together with our extensive consulting team, bring years of expertise in business and technology to meet the objectives.
  • I M R SMART Solution training will help the delegates gain in-depth knowledge about establishing a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving and a highly expert trainer will conduct this training and help delegates get the knowledge and skills they need to improve their career prospects.
  • I M R SMART Solution consultant’s ability to look at complex data and find inefficiencies, analyse weaknesses and threats, speak to clients in an efficient way, communicate with teammates, analyse an issue, problem, make decisions about how to solve it, and find out new and innovative solutions to problems requires creativity.

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Dr. S S Prasada Rao Director, SARADA, Delhi

I M R Smart Solution is more supportive for the Students & Society.

Dr. Nalini P Tripathy Professor, IIM, Silong

I M R Smart Solution is essential for Institution and Stakeholders.

Dr. R Nandogopal Director,SSTC,Chenai

I M R Smart Solution is good for the Educational Institution.