B U S I N E S S - A N A L Y T I C S

Business Analytics is a data management solution and business intelligence subset, refers to the use of methodologies such as data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis in order to analyse and transform data into useful information, identify and anticipate trends and outcomes, and ultimately make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Business analytics combines the fields of management, business and computer science and high-level understanding of the business as well as the practical limitations.

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Application
  • Data Mining
  • Marketing Analytics 
I M R SMART @ Business Analytics

Business Analytics @ Objectives

  • To identify business data-driven solutions & bridge the business problems.
  • To critically analyze and solve complex unstructured business problems.
  • To encourage clients for business improvement for benefits of organization.
  • To developed data analytics methods for decision-making in real-world business.
  • To estimate the operational and ethical consequence of data-driven solution 

I M R SMART Training @ Business Analytics

Business Analytics is to bridge the gap between management and technology. and effective communication and problem-solving are elements of business analytics to translate insights from data to information. High quality business analytics software solutions and platforms are developed to ingest and process the enormous datasets that businesses encounter and can exploit for optimal business operations.

Business analytics (BA) is the combination of skills, technologies, and practices used to examine an organization’s data and performance as a way to gain insights and make data-driven decisions in the future using statistical analysis. Business analytics focuses on data, statistical analysis and reporting to help investigate and analyze business performance, provide insights, and drive recommendations to improve performance.

  • Module 1: Data Analytics Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Statistics for Business Application
  • Module 3: Data Mining and Predictive Modelling
  • Module 4: Data Analytics for H R Strategy Formulation
  • Module 5: Data Analytics for Marketing Analytics
  • Module 6: Data Analytics for Financial Decisions
  • Module 7: Data Analytics for Digital/ Social Media
  • Module 8: Data Analytics for Operations & S C M