C - S M A R T : I M R - S M A R T - C O N S U L T A N C Y

I M R SMART Consultancy is the practice of  giving expert advice and technical advice within a particular field and subject for support to organisations across business  industries. The sole purpose of I M R smart consultancy is to provide all the basic ideas and plans that help the business to become successful and to solve various problems of client’s related to their business queries and improve the achievement of milestones for any type of organisation.


  • N  B  A
  • N  A  A  C 
  • I  Q  A  C 
  • Placement Training
  • Pre-Placement Training
  • Placement Workshop
A Q A Consulting & T A P Consuting

C – S M A R T @ I M R SMART Consultancy Objectives

C – SMART  is a smart-digital-innovation and one-stop-solution in the area of SMART Consultancy.

I M R SMART consultancy is to practice and helping to improve high performance through analysis of existing problems and development of future plans of the individual and organisation.

      • To up-skill & update organisations, societies, communities and individuals.
      • To provide the initial support to set up and enable business organisations.
      • To provide business to business consultancy to develop integrated approaches.
      • To ensure consultation with customers, careers and other relevant stakeholders.
      • To provide a person-centred approach to future plans of the organisations. 

C – S M A R T @ I M R SMART Consultancy Overview

I M R SMART Consultancy is to providing business & technological advice on various topics including Management, IT Technology, Research, Training, Event, Consultancy, Publication, Evaluation and Implementation to share their expertise and knowledge to help solve the problems. I M R advisory services to identify and helps the organisation  with their business and optimising effective training programs.

I M R  SMART  SOLUTION  PVT. LTD. Bhubaneswar.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AQA) Consulting become a universal goal in university education and is in most cases encouraged by continuous self-assessment and seeking some form of internal or sometimes external validation or accreditation.

Training and Placement (TAP) Consulting become a fundamental aspect for considering the students’ careers while a student getting enrolled in any college for  high-quality placements can bring a range of benefits, positive impacts, and lots of opportunities.

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