D A T A - S C I E N C E

Data Science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand career paths for skilled professionals. Today, successful data professionals understand that they must advance past the traditional skills of analyzing large amounts of data, data mining, and programming skills. Data scientists must master the full spectrum of the data science life cycle and possess a level of flexibility and understanding to maximize returns at each phase of the process. 

  • R-Programming
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Tableau Learning
I - SMART @ Data Science

Data Science @ Objectives

  • To develop a practical knowledge with relevance in data science and AI.
  • To select appropriate methods & techniques to extract from relevant data.
  • To Improve and enhance customer segmentation through data technology.
  • To provide state-of-the-art business intelligence to automate decision..
  • To expose student to real-world problems through experiential learning. 

I M R  SMART Training @ Data Science

Kick-start your Data Science journey with Data Science program, aligned to competency standards  in collaboration with industry . This Data Science course hands-on with technologies like R, Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark through our Data Science certification. Enhance your learning with our Data Science course with projects.

Data Science provides a vast array of tools for working with data coming from a variety of different sources, such as financial logs, multimedia files, marketing forms, sensors, and text files and various scientific methods, algorithms, and processes are used to extract insights from vast amounts of data.. An important aspect of Data Science is the preparation of data for analysis, including cleaning, aggregating, and manipulating it to perform advanced analyses.

  • Module 1:Basics of Data Science
  • Module 2:R Programming 
  • Module 3:Data Science with R
  • Module 4:Python for Data Science 
  • Module 5:Data Science with Python
  • Module 6:Machine Learning 
  • Module 7:Tableau Learning
  • Module 8:Capstone Project