Director's Message

I M R Smart Solution is fast emerging management research institute established 2017, is known for diversified activities including Education, Research, Training and Consultancy, which are the four pillars of Higher Education system. I M R provides education for MBA, MCA, BBA & BCA, research for Academic and Industry, training and knowledge for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and Financial Technology and consultancy for Student Career, PH. D, NBA, NAAC & IQAC to meet the future business leader. 

I M R institute strives hard for continuous improvement having its underlying motto,“Transforming Education, Research, Training and Consultancy”. I M R backed by strong faculty mentor support in their respective domains and rated amongst the best in the country for develop the students to face ever demanding challenges in professional life.

The institution believes in a well-rounded and all-pervasive student experience to maximize learning opportunities. To achieve this, the institution provides the course structure that has been designed to enable the students to hone their managerial skills and get them acquainted with the new developments taking place in the industry. The pedagogical tools applied by the faculty members constantly motivate the students to be innovative, competent and creative which stand them in good stead in becoming successful managers and brand ambassadors of their organizations.

I take this opportunity to extend a personal invitation to you to visit I M R SMART Solution and experience the shaping for global networking.