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I M R SMART Education offers the EdTech (Educational Technology) program, which is a paradigm shift in the way students access education. EdTech comprises the whole world of computer-aided education and training. It is important because it helps today’s teachers and students to integrate new technologies and tools into their classrooms. With radical changes in technology, SMART education solves this conundrum by using state-of-the-art technology to help both learners and teachers prepare themselves for tomorrow. By using advanced learning methods such as online virtual classrooms, virtual learning environments, cloud servers, smart phones, etc., a teacher can help students get more out of their learning. The goal of EdTech is to improve student outcomes, enhance their learning abilities and reduce the teaching burden on instructors. Smart education and learning aims at providing holistic learning to students using modern technology to fully prepare them for a fast-changing world where adaptability is crucial.


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Traditional education and training persist to a certain extent, according to which education might vary from being understood as the general foundation for professional learning on the job toward being understood as specific training for respective jobs. I M R SMART Solution realised and decided that we could assist in bridging this huge gap by providing quality education and training for employment through EdTech program specifically for the following management and technical students that are already going to make the world, and we could avoid these ominous signs at our own education system.

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Dr. G K Panda Professor

I M R SMART Education is a Good Edutec Center for Professional & Technical Students for Better Employment

Dr. S Patra Professor

I M R SMART Education is a Excellent Edutec Center for Professional & Technical Students for Technical Skills

Dr. A K Jena Professor

I M R SMART Education is a Very Good Platform for the Students regarding Research, Training and Consultancy