I M R Computational Theory: An International Journal of Computational IT and Data Science

I M R Computational Theory: An International Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science is an open-access, peer reviewed and refereed journal which is published by I M R Smart Solution. The journal provides a space for academics, researchers and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in Technology. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas on a range of important international subjects and to provide stimulus for research and the further development of international perspectives.

I M R – S M A R T Journal @ I M R Computational Theory

The goal of I M R Computational Theory is to disseminate peer reviewed original research results in the field of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science , Data Science, Engineering, Information Technology & related applications. The core of the vision I M R Computational Theory is to disseminate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of all, ranging from academic research and professional communities to industry professionals in a range of topics in computer science and engineering in general and of information and the safety of mobile communications and wireless networking, and wireless communication systems. It also provides a place for high-caliber researchers, practitioners and PhD students to present ongoing research and development in these areas.

  • To promote and publish original articles in the field of Computer Science, Engineering and IT.
  • To reduce the gap between scientific research and research practice. 
  • To accepts academic papers, case studies, articles contribute to current research.
  • To provides perspectives on relevant to the study and papers are double blind peer-reviewed.
  • To right to reject papers either of insufficient quality or not relevant to the subject area.

IJMCA invites authors to submit original and unpublished work that communicates current research on information assurance and security regarding the theoretical and methodological aspects, as well as various real-world applications in solving security problems in the information. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing. The topics covered by the journal include Applied Mathematics, Computer Science , Data Science,Engineering, Information Technology, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational statistics, database, data mining, financial engineering, hardware systems, imaging engineering, industrial engineering, internet computing, networking, operations research scientific computing, software engineering and its applications.

J O U R N A L – S P E C I F I C A T I O N

Journal Category  Quarterly
Frequency of Distribution  4 issues per year (March, June, September & December)
I S S N  No  xxxx-23xx (Print version)  and xxxx-23xx (Online version) (Apply)
Subject Category  Applied Mathematics, Computer & Data Science, Engineering and  I T
A peer reviewed  and UGC care Active Journal