I M R - O B J E C T I V E S

I M R Smart Solution is a one-stop-solution service provider company with smart-digital-innovation in the area of Technology, Management and Research, Training, Event,  Consultancy and Publication. Faculty and all stakeholders as per the requirement of Industry and businesses I M R Smart Solution strive to fulfil client’s requirement through  best solutions and best services through proper Education and Training.

I M R -- S M A R T @ O b j e c t i v e s


  • In-depth Knowledge
  • Research Platform
  • Improved Creativity
  • SMART Solution
  • Innovative Development
  • Strong Commitment
  • New Technology
  • Optimized Architectures
  • Improve Services

I M R – SMART @ Objectives

  • To translate business objectives into technical requirements to managing optimized architectures & continuously search for more pragmatic and innovative development.
  • To effectively meet with current business challenges based on in-depth knowledge of business industries in maximum outputs with minimum efforts and resources.
  • To create value propositions &  implementation for a strong culture of commitment, excellence & continuously improves services with Quality Management System.
  • To enhance the ability to improve students creativity,  environment experience, practical knowledge and proper behavior of corporate life in industrial sector.
  • To provide research platform to researchers for publication of research papers from socially, economically and culturally weakened sections of the society across the world.
  • To up-skill organizations quality  by achieving the goals of quality assurance and 100% authenticity by optimizing all the parameters of quality at every step. 
  • To create research center, educational research environment and identify the demands of the target customer to raise levels of research into the global standards.

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   T e s t i m o n i a l

Dr. P Narayan Ready Director

I M R Smart is a innovative solution center for Research & Consultancy ......

Dr. Sunil Kumar Dhal Professor, SSU

I M R Smart Solution is an excellency in Research and Publication

Dr. S R Mohapatra Dean, BPUT

I M R provides excellent services in Accreditation for NBA & NAAC.