I N S T I T U T I O N A L - E V E N T

Institutional Event is the special events professionals are increasingly visible, working with strategic at all levels. Events professionals need to understand different types of events, and their importance to the overall strategy of building institutional relationships. Events should be part of an overall plan need to keep the end goal in mind. When host institution organizes special event, institute should know about the goals of the event.  

  • Orientation
  • Convocation
  • Industrial Study 
  • Corporate Meet
  • Educational Fair
  • Student Event
  • Corporate Event
I M R SMART @ Institutional Event

E – S M A R T @  Institutional Event Objectives

The objectives of institutional event is to be involved in the decision-making process and how to establish a cohesive team working towards the same goal of the event.   

  • To organise ground-breaking events on your campus and organisation.
  • To identify event goals that clearly communicates to the employee image.
  • To meet specific needs and contribute to the smooth running of events.
  • To discover how institutional events used to build the institution’s image. 
  • To determine how events can be used to develop important relationships.

E – S M A R T @  Institutional Event Overview

Institutional Events an integrated platform that helps educational institutions manage every aspect of their events more efficiently. Institutional Events programmes  organises a portfolio of many events to connect the college with its many friends, audiences and stakeholders. 

  • Institutional Events comprises a creative, strategic and dedicated team, the events department advances the mission of institution through collaborative planning, achieving excellence, & managing resources.Institutional Events plays an important role both in hosting external constituents on campus through conferences, programs, and series as well as supporting external institutional events that engage our community of alumni.
  • Orientation
  • Convocation
  • Welcome Back Picnic
  • Industrial Study Tour
  • Corporate Meet
  • Educational Fair
  • Seminar/Workshop/Confference
  • Award & Recognition
  • Will help with a focused direction and effective use of resources.  well-organised and well-executed events provide opportunities to build on and strengthen the positive reputation of Institution. We work closely with colleagues across the college to support them with their events and to develop and share good practice. . 

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