Professional Training

Professional training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience for operating as an expert in a particular field or area of specialisation. This training gives you a better learning experience that  the skills needed to perform a specific job or set of tasks in your field. A professional course is a highly specialized and practical training program for working professionals.

I M R SMART Solution @ Corporate Training

I M  R  Corporate Training @ Professional Training

I M R Professional training  offer services to corporate clients, entrepreneurs and high-performance teams across all industries. This training role is to drive organizational success while helping people reach their full potential.

  • To impart to new entrants which helps a trainee in knowing the policies, facts, procedures and rules related to his job and enable to perform well.
  • To help a trainee in increasing his technical and manual efficiency necessary in doing in his job and to teach the employees new techniques.
  • To raise efficiency and productivity of employees and the organization as a whole.
  • To equip the employee to meet the changing requirements of the job and the organization.
  • To prepare employees for higher level tasks and build-up a second line of competent managers.
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Business Skill Training
  • Leadership Training
  • On-the-job oriented Training
  • Simulation Training
  • Knowledge-Based Training
  • Experiential Training

I M R Smart Training provides a broad range of learning solutions to empower the students and employees with the skills and knowledge to excel. Our facilitators bring real world experiences into the training room to emphasise the training relevance and increase the ease of transfer of knowledge to the workplace and to specific industry need.