S M A R T - M A N A G E M E N T

SMART management is a well-established tool that can use to plan and achieve the goals in any business organization should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It is the process of planning and organizing the resources and activities of a business to achieve specific goals in the most effective and efficient manner with the help of smart technology and to achieve business goals.

I M R SMART @ SMART Management

I M R  S M A R T Education @  SMART Management

  • More influence on company culture. …
  • Opportunity to make personnel decisions. …
  • Personal growth and development. …
  • Help employees develop and improve. …
  • Identify your leadership style. …
  • Create team autonomy. …
  • Create a better work environment.
  • To aligned broader team, department and company objectives for business growth.
  • To developed communication for weekly meeting to distribute the workload each.
  • To developed autonomous team & run with an idea without being micromanaged.
  • To motivate and support the team members with own knowledge and experience.
  • To introduced recognition program for improvement to achieve the goals.
  • Concept of smart management
  • The human side of smart management
  • Smart management decisions
  • Different view of the concept of management
  • Embedding the principles of behavioral sciences in smart management
  • What are the ten components of smart management?
  • The structure and scheme of the smart management
  • Smart Management Structure and Diagram
  • The structure and scheme of smart management
  • Module 1: SMART Management Introduction
  • Module 2: Design Thinking
  • Module 3: Leadership 
  • Module 4: Change Management
  • Module 5: Stress Management
  • Module 6: Conflict Resolution
  • Module 7: Decision making
  • Module 8: Employee Wellness and Well-Being


10+2 and Above

Rs. 90,000/-

6 Month (90 days)