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Training and Placement (TAP) is a fundamental aspect for considering the students’ careers while a student getting enrolled in any college or institution. High-quality placements can bring a range of benefits, positive impacts, and lots of opportunities during the recruitment process with the unconventional approach to critical problem-solving. Training and Placement is important for graduate students to develop their employ-ability skills and achieve good placement in several industries around the world. 

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C – S M A R T @ T A P Consulting Objectives

The objectives of training and placement is to give students the opportunity for improvement of skills  as well as the employability skills which is required for real work and well-versed decisions about future career.

  • To recognise the capabilities and hidden talents of the students and learners.
  • To guide the students to meet the expectations of the industry through training.
  • To guarantee promising and suitable employment opportunities for all students.
  • To conduct seminars and career development programs from industry experts.
  • To build self-reliance , develop the right attitude  and update  communication skills.

C – S M A R T @ T A P Consulting Overview

T A P Consulting providing business advice to various topics including Management, Technology, Corporate, Organisation, Research, Training  and Event these are the active stages of the consulting process. Consultants are hired to share their expertise and knowledge to help businesses attain goals and solve problems. 

Placement Training plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students and to meet student requirements for enhancing the capabilities of graduates as per industry requirement and  standards. 

Pre-Placement Training is to bridge the gap between Industry and Institutions and to equip students with necessary skills with their respective fields to enhance the competency among students with respect to various soft skills and domain specific areas.

Placement Workshop enhances the capability of the student to get placed during campus placement drive and  help to face the challenging professional and personal situations with ease and confidence.

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