I - S M A R T

Technology Solution has  changed the way business is conducted and will continue to evolve and business owners who adapt to these changes will make huge profits. Companies of all sizes, and all industries, strive to stay competitive by adopting new technologies and data reporting tools that support business objectives and drive lasting growth of the organisation. Technology solution will go a long way in establishing a well-regarded, customer-oriented business. 

I - SMART @ Technology Solution


  • Data Science
  • Big-data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial  Intelligence
  • IT Project & Internship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Technology
  • Blockchain Analytics
  • Summer Project
  • Brand Promotion 
  • Market Survey
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Analysis
  • Live Project

I – S M A R T @ Technology Solution Objectives

I – SMART  is a smart-digital-innovation and one-stop-solution in the area of Technology Solution.

Technology Solution is to inspire organisations for more pragmatic and innovative development with technical requirements and optimised architectures.

      • To implement high-impact solutions to increase organization efficiency.
      • To identify the technologies for adding value for the organization and execution.
      • To determine the needs of your customers today and in the future.
      • To provide with industry-leading recommendations and solutions.
      • To increasing business process performance and improving business outcomes

I – S M A R T @ Technology Solution Program

I M R Technology Solution applies innovative ideas and newest technologies to finding solutions to challenging development and enhancing the effectiveness of various development projects. I M R  services support training and consultation  to helping  with technology challenges. 

The IT Project and Internship Project (SIP) is an experiential learning component of the Post Graduate degree program. As a mandatory credit course, the two-month project is slotted in between the two academic years from May 01 to June 30 at the end of the first year. The SIP aims to provide a platform for students to integrate classroom knowledge with related practical applications and skills in a professional environment. It gives students a first-hand experience of real-time situations that not only provide practical learning but also provide an overview on future career paths .

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