S M A R T - T E C H N O L O G Y

SMART Technology is self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology is used to provide cognitive awareness to objects, by making use of advanced technologies like internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that were in the past considered inanimate. Smart technology is an umbrella term used to describe interconnected devices that perform relatively normal functions with a greater degree of autonomy and software decision-making.

ONLINE – Training Program

  • Data Science
  • Big-Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Project-Internship
I M R SMART @ Smart Technology

I – S M A R T @ SMART Technology Objectives

I M R SMART Technology is a SMART Professional Development Program for Teachers helps educators to acquire technology skills enabling them to actively integrate digital learning tools in their teaching process for improved learning outcomes and  to make information both useful and seamlessly accessible through advanced techniques that understand, build and connect the world of tomorrow.

  • To increase software technologies for the enterprises for business decision making.
  • To increased efficiency, experience, satisfaction  and  retention in the organization.
  • To improved robotics, big data, machine-deep learning and cloud solutions.
  • To monitor, operations, new opportunities & strategies for current business models.
  • To improve data processing, efficiency, communication & real-time reporting.

I – S M A R T @ SMART Technology Overview

Smart Technology has changed stakeholders understanding and perspective towards performing business, collaboration cooperation, communication and connection. Stakeholders are using smart technology for information access, education, entertainment, marketing, political, online shopping, and health information and assist to all stakeholders and focusing on more productive goals though both online & offline mode of Training & Learning.

SMART Technology devices mainly used for to reduce dependency on smartphone touchscreen, engage with technology through using voice commands. Simplify things and make life easier and more enjoyable to enhance productivity and time and money savings. 

  • Module 1: Computer Vision 
  • Module 2: Interment of Things (I o T)
  • Module 3: Artificial Intelligence
  • Module 4: Deep Neural Network
  • Module 5: Image Processing
  • Module 6: Multiclass Classification
  • Module 7: Convolutional Neural Network
  • Module 8: Cloud Computing
Total Duration : 40 hrs
Mode of Teaching : Both Online & Offline
Instructor & Expert : Both Industry & Academia


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