S T U D E N T - E V E N T

Student Events are basic part of student life and give a chance to explore the abilities and leadership quality and will get the chance to investigate a scope of interests and enhancing challenges in all parts of their life. Student event gives more freedom to extend social network which will likewise prove to be useful when students are searching for a job and the opportunity to investigate their interests. 

  • Orientation 
  • B-school Meet 
  • Boot Camp
  • Club Activities

  • Team-building
  • Student Award
  • Corporate Event
  • Institutional Event
I M R SMART @ Student Event

E – S M A R T @  Student Event Objectives

Student Event is broken down into specific targets, to facilitate event delivery and evaluation for deliver beneficial impacts and outcomes both for the student community and other stakeholders.

  • To developed emotional intelligence, social skills and empathy.
  • To build up relationships, engage, cultures, and Institution regulation.
  • To find out in-depth information about the topic for  knowledge skills.
  • To build up career roadmap for achieving your goal in rest of your career.
  • To help students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment.

E – S M A R T @  Student Event Overview

Student activities support the goal of teaching students to be responsible and give them opportunities that develop character, critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, and leadership skills. This events has a strong relationship between participation in student activities and academic achievement. 

  • Student events encourage social abilities and understanding the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence.The conversation evoked by occasion’s assists students with building connections, know alternate points of view that present in different societies, develop knowledge and understanding about of interest.   
  • Orientation / Induction
  • B-school Meet 
  • Boot Camp
  • Club Activities

  • Team-building activities
  • Seminar/Workshop/Conference
  • Award & Recognition
  • Annual Functions/Cultural Activities
  • Will help with a focused direction and effective use of resources.  well-organised and well-executed events provide opportunities to build on and strengthen the positive reputation of the organisation through student activities. We work closely with students across the organisation to support them with their events and to develop and share good practice. . 

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